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Save hours in each room you install, while having peace of mind.

Any computer can run your Zoom Rooms right? The question is this. How much time do you lose with updates, installation, configuration or poor performance?

The Zoom Room PC models from Dell, were designed to meet the most stringent Zoom demands. What's more is that they are pre-flashed with the IOT Image from Zoom, for Zoom Rooms.

This means that you know you have the best, and out of the box they are ready to work.

You save an hour downloading updates. Another hour in configuration. Then countless hours later knowing that the device is secure, robust and built for new features to be released from Zoom. While any NUC might work to get a room up and running, these Dell OEM PC's from Starin provide a real value in both time and money that you can realize almost immediately.

When your room has to work, and has to work fast, this is the core piece of your system that should never be overlooked!

How do you install this PC for your Zoom Room?
1) Take it out of the box.
2) Make all of your connections.
3) Power it on.
4) Connect to your network
5) Enter your Zoom Room License Key.
6) Start meeting.

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